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    Shinya Tsukada
Associate Professor
Shimane University
  Faculty of Education and and Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
Address: 1060 Nishikawatsu-cho, Matsue City, Shimane 690-8504, Japan
Lab phone: +81-852-32-6304
E-mail: tsukada(at)
My laboratory's webpage is here.

I welcome students with variety of background including physics on ferroelectricity, spectroscopy, crystals growth, ceramics fabrication, and so on.
Recent Works

塚田真也, 大和田謙二
Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3における In / Nb のイオン配列と不均一性
放射光, Vol. 32, pp. 209-216, 2019

B. Aryal, D. Morikawa, K. Tsuda, S. Tsukada, Y. Akishige, and M. Terauchi
Electron diffraction study of crystal structures of (Sr1?xBax)2Nb2O7
Physical Review Materials, Vol. 3, 044405, 2019

塚田真也, 泉誠, 大谷修司, 柿澤亮平, 栢野彰秀, 辻本彰, 橋爪一治, 長谷川裕之,
島根大学教育学部紀要, Vol. 52, 15-23, 2019

K. Ohwada, S. Tsukada, T. Fukuda, S. Tsutsui, A.Q.R. Baron, J. Mizuki, H. Ohwa, N. Yasuda, and H. Terauchi
Effect of B-site randomness on antiferroelectric/relaxor nature of ground state: diffuse and inelastic X-ray scattering study of Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3
Physical Review B, Vol. 98, 054106, 2018

Md Al Helal, S. Tsukada, S. Svirskas, J. Banys, and S. Kojima
Angle resolved polarized Raman scattering on relaxor ferroelectrics with intermediate random fields
Jpanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 57, 11UB08, 2018

S. Tsukada, Y. Fujii, Y. Yoneda, H. Moriwake, A. Konishi, and Y. Akishige
Raman scattering study of the ferroelectric phase transition in BaTi2O5
Physical Review B, Vol. 97, 024116, 2018

S. Tsukada, K. Ohwada, H. Ohwa, S. Mori, S. Kojima, N. Yasuda, H. Terauchi, and Y. Akishige
Relation between Fractal Inhomogeneity and In/Nb-Arrangement in Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3
Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 17508, 2017. (Open Access)

M.A. Helal, M Aftabuzzaman, S. Tsukada, and S. Kojima
Role of polar nanoregions with weak random fields in Pb-based Role of polar nanoregions with weak random fields in Pb-based perovskite ferroelectrics
Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 44448, 2017. (Open Access)

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